Antioch Kids will now have three classes;

  1. 9 months - Under 2 Years Old

  2. 2 Year Olds

  3. 3 Year Olds - Kindergardeners

  4. 1st - 4th Graders



9:00AM Set-Up Team Arrives

9:30AM Remaining Serve Team Members Arrive

9:35AM Pre-Meeting & Prayer

9:45AM Man the Check-in Station & Each Room

10:00AM Classes Begin

11:30AM Classes End & Take Down starts as soon as the last child is picked up.



Explore Time (structured play) begins

Worship Time (Declarations, Songs, Scripture)


Discover Time (Craft, Activity, etc.)

Snack Time

Explore Time (structured free play

Service Ends

(Take Down starts when all children have been picked up)



We are implementing new serve roles during class times. Here are brief descriptions of each new role. We will be contacting some of you to fill these roles, but if you have a special interest in serving in any of these roles, please let us know! 


Kids Host/Hostess - The Kids Host/Hostess welcomes kids into the large group room, and introduces each section of class (storytelling time, worship, etc). After each section of class, the Host/Hostess transitions the class into the next section. The Host/Hostess maintains the flow of the class by announcing and showing each transition on time. There is only one Host/Hostess in each room.

Connectors - Connectors model and helps the kids connect with each section of class (Story Time, Worship, etc). There will be one or more Connectors in each room.

StoryTeller - The Storyteller shares the day’s portion of our curriculums story in a fun, engaging way. He/She encourages kids to participate and interact with the narrative. The Storyteller leads out of an overflow of his/her own life, telling personal stories as prompted. There is only one Storyteller for each room.

Worship Leader - The Worship Leader facilitates individual and corporate worship (live or iPod) by listening to the direction of the Holy Spirit and inviting others into the worship experience. There is only one Worship Leader for each room.

Check-In  Attendant - The Check-In Attendant mans the check-in station at the times designated and ensures that every child is checked-in and out of their classroom properly. He/She also ensures that each child is sent to the correct classroom. He/She also ensures that only Antioch Kids Servants enter the Antioch Kids spaces.

Set-Up Team - The Set-Up Team arrives at 9:00AM and sets the Antioch Kids classrooms up. The Team also stays after the service and takes-down the Antioch Kids classrooms. The Set-Up Team is also responsible for ensuring that the items are placed in either the storage closet or the trailer in an organized manner. The Set-Up Team treats the Antioch Kids items as if they were their own.