Intro vid on what to expect on this page and a 50k ft view on how the last year has gone.

4 min long



Detailed, personal recounting of the past year for areas like Personal Growth, Relationships Encouraged, Stressors, ect.

23 min long




Brief Description of the Teams/Areas I'm Over

Some of these teams have another leader or "leader in training", and some of them have servers. But I see myself as the oversight for each one of these areas. This list describes the team/area and the purpose of the team/area.

  • Antioch Kids - Children's Ministry - All things kiddos on Sunday Mornings. (vision
  • Admin - Working with our accountant, Patty. Building reports as needed. Financial (income & expense categorization). General organization of all documents. CCB admin and Guest Assimilation.
  • Youth - Just starting to connect with youth age and start building relationships.
  • Media Team - Shooting & editing videos, capturing media (video, picture & audio), posting all videos to YouTube, and storage of footage.
  • Creative Team - Graphics & Social Media Admin. Thinking through the entire picture of how we can effectively communicate with our people and evangelize our city with the Good News of Jesus.
  • Production Team - The making of Sunday morning sermon & worship slides and the running of ProPresenter on Sunday Mornings.
  • Announcement Video Team - Team of people who say the announcements in the Announcement Videos.
  • Security Team - Sunday morning security for kids space.


Antioch Kids

Mission Statement - Antioch Kids exists to make disciples of Jesus and help equip families in living Kingdom Culture at Home.

Core Values - Love God, Love our Friends & Family, and Love others.

Summary of the Journey:

Sarah and I took over Antioch Kids in January of 2017.  We have created a serve team rotation of four serve teams that serve one Sunday a month. Serve Team 1 serves on the first Sunday of the month, Serve Team 2 on the second, and so on. We are currently averaging 10 servers per team and just over 30 kiddos each week. Sarah and I served each week in kids from the beginning of 2017 through Jan of 2018. Since then, we have gotten to be in the service once a month. 

I believe that our biggest contribution to Antioch Kids has been the establishment of the culture of family, and serving that family. The atmosphere and norms that kids, servers and parents walk into is something that was built and modeled for those currently serving. People genuinely love serving this family, and that rubs off on new members, who quickly want to do the same.

In the beginning, I personally entered into leading Antioch Kids knowing that I would not do this forever. I started because I saw the need and felt God leading Sarah and I to jump in. 2017 was a crazy year of building curriculum, class times, serve team structures, and relationships with kids, servers and parents. Even though it was hard, there were times in that process that I felt that leading Antioch Kids could be something I could do forever. I loved it. It has been the hardest thing I've built to date, but also the most rewarding. Throughout 2017, I had to process whether or not this was something I wanted to do for the long haul. I was seeing success and enjoying my time serving, but also had questions about ability and potential.

Towards the end of 2017 and into the new year, I began to see that my ceiling was limiting the growth of Antioch Kids. This lead me to have the belief I now have, that I cannot lead Antioch Kids forever. It is actually in the best interest of everyone involved, that I do not lead this forever.

Literally the same week I initially began having those thoughts, God brought a family into our midst. The Yoder Family, Ken & Beth Yoder & their three girls. They had been a part of another church for many decades, and due to a few different circumstance they were now looking for a new church family. Once they landed, they landed. They were all in and immediately started serving in kids. Kids have been a big part of Beth's story, she is a teacher and had been the children's pastor for her other church for many years in the past. After a few weeks of coming and serving, I began to see her potential and anointing with kids. 

Fast forward a little bit, the Yoder's are several months into being a part of this family. They have gotten to know others, they are finding community, they are serving, and they are loving it all. I approached Beth with the possibility of joining our Kids Vision Team, to help think through how to apply our vision, core values & mission statement. She jumped in immediately, and immediately started having an impact. As I gave her the freedom to dream and think through how to make disciples of Jesus and equip families, she came up with ideas that I may have never come up with. We set this "vision team" up in Jan of this year. After meeting twice, it was clear to us that we should pursue asking Beth to step in and take over Antioch Kids entirely.

We set up a meeting and asked the Yoder family over lunch one day. Beth was very encouraged and excited to pray about it. She said yes less than a week later and is now in the process of taking over the entirety of Antioch Kids. The plan is for her to be in full possession by the und of July. She has begun to help us think through things like curriculum, class sizes, age appropriate classes, and budgets. She is a blessing from God and we will continue to empower and equip her with resources to lead out our vision and mission statement, however God leads her to do so.

What's Encouraging:

  • God is moving! Kids, servers and parents are experiencing God's presence every week (at home and on Sunday mornings). Every week, our kiddos pray for each other, missionaries in our movement, and our city. They believe for God to move and see Him move. 
  • Beth Yoder is a gift from God!
  • Our new building is going to provide so much room and resources for Antioch Kids to soar to new heights. Both in experiencing God and having fun.


  • Sam & Sarah Best - Current Leaders, classroom teachers, serve team coordinator.
  • Beth Yoder - future leader, current leader, classroom teacher, future serve team coordinator.

Next Steps:

  • All of my thoughts and resources are focused towards raising up and empowering Beth Yoder. I'm backing her with everything I've got. This includes;
    • Setting up a budget for the new space needs.
    • Building of the serve teams to make room for better, age-appropriate classroom experiences.
    • Building a Leadership Team around Beth.
  • I'd like to see the monthly budget for Antioch Kids increase. I believe it will.
  • Find a way to pay Beth. She has stated that in the fall of 2018, she will need to work in some capacity and make 15/hour, and average 20 hour work weeks. I would personally like her to work for us and not have to go somewhere else to get paid that money.
  • We currently have 10 servers a Sunday on the Serve Teams (including Sarah & I). We'd love for their to be at least 10, without Sarah, Beth & I. We are moving towards that, as we see fit.
  • Move into new space and welcome the city into our Antioch Kids ministry.


Mission - To create space for this church family to thrive, both practically and relationally.

What - Working with our accountant, Patty. Building reports as needed. Financial (income & expense categorization). General organization of all documents. CCB admin and Guest Assimilation.

Summary of the Journey:

For most of our journey, I have been our sole admin person (with the exception of our offsite accountant, Patty). Andrew has worked closely with me throughout this journey as one who has had experience and knowledge on what accounts/budgets we would need in all of this. In the beginning, Andrew and I worked together to talk about the structures we needed, and I then executed them. We have had a few others jump in and help along  the way. In 2017 we hired a part time employee (Hannah Rogers) for a brief period of time and she handled some of the admin roles. Recently, I have had some help from a college student (Zach Johnston) that has just finished an internship with us.

Even more recently (early May), I posted a "Help Wanted" post to FaceBook and Instagram. The help I needed was in our two main admin areas; Financial & Guest Assimilation/CCB Management. By the grace of God, two different ladies responded to that post. They have both worked at a church doing one of the two areas I requested help with. They are currently in the process of taking these areas and running with them. Callie Carroll is now actively running our Guest Assimilation Process & CCB Management (outlined below) and Stacey Thomas will soon (early June) be running our Financial Processes (outlined below).

  • Guest Assimilation & CCB Management:
    • Guest Assimilation
      • This involves taking the "I Kinda Like It Here Cards", inputting the guests info online (CCB), making sure that the guest follow-up email is sent to them, and then assigning the guest to a LifeGroup Leader to be called. All of this is done the week of receiving the card.
      • This also involves help with tracking attendance of both the people in the Service and Antioch Kids.
    • CCB Families Database Management and CleanUp
      • Management of the information in CCB, specifically the person/family information.
  • Financial Processing:
    • Sunday Morning Offering - Online Input (CCB)
      • This involves counting and depositing the tithes & offerings each week.
      • This also involves categorizing and entering the tithes & offerings into (CCB) each week.
    • Categorizing Expenses & Providing Report Access
      • This involves categorizing our expenses made on a weekly basis.
      • Provide reports for staff members and the Board of Advisors/Directors.
      • Filing and storing receipts.

What's Encouraging:

  • God has provided some help with these areas!


  • Sam Best - Current Leader
  • Callie Carrol - Current Guest Assimilation & CCB Family Info Manager
  • Stacey Thomas - Soon to be Financial Processing Manager
  • Andrew Znachko - Andrew has worked closely with me throughout this journey, and has been the one leading the way on how we want our financial books to look. He has created most of our current account categories and budgets, and will most likely continue to work closely with whomever is leading things to create accounts and budgets.

Next Steps:

  • I am giving my time and efforts to empowering and equipping these two ladies, and making sure they have what they need to build these areas to what they need to be.
  • I'd love to see Stacey on staff, replacing Patty.
  • I'd love to see Stacey build a team (not sure what for, but I know she will most likely see the need for one before too long). 


Mission Statement - To create space for and empower the youth of our church, to become family and disciples of Jesus who change the world.

Summary of the Journey:

Not a lot to share here, as this is really just getting started. Last November, I started getting tons of vision for starting a Youth Group, and there has definitely been a need for us to start something for the youth. I felt God downloading the vision and I got really excited, and contacted several of the parents with Youth aged kiddos. I quickly learned that although there was seemingly a need for a Youth Group, coordinating schedules was not going to be easy. My schedule was full, and so was everyone else's that has a youth aged kiddo. After trying to put something together for early Dec, I decided to hold off until the new year. Once the new year rolled around, I spoke with families again. They all wanted to wait until the summer to start things, so that's what we did.

On the 6th of next month, I will be getting lunch with all of the youth aged boys in our church. The same morning I planned this lunch, (without knowing that I was doing this) a girl from my LifeGroup reached out to me and said she'd love to help start something for the youth aged girls. God is so funny! I am currently working with her to meet and get to know the youth girls. She will potentially start something similar to what I am dong with the boys, mid summer.

What's Encouraging:

  • The youth of our church all seem to have a relationship with God in very powerful ways. They are starting/attending bible studies with classmates, praying for and serving others, and attending a church that has no Youth Group. I already see them as world changers!


  • Sam Best- Starting monthly time with boys.
  • Sami Orndorff - Mom who expressed interest in starting to build relationships with youth girls.

Next Steps:

  • Have initial lunch and see what develops.
  • Help and empower Sami in getting time with the youth girls.


Mission - To digitally capture our people in relationship with God and others, so that the world may know Him and of His Kingdom.


  • Audio Recording Sermon.
  • Video Recording Sermon.
  • Shooting & editing all other videos.
    • Announcement Vids
    • Testimony Vids
    • Update & Reminder Vids for events and other important details.
  • Capturing pics & vids for Creative Team use.
  • Posting all videos to YouTube.
  • Storage of footage.

Summary of the Journey:

We have always recored and posted the sermon audio. Early in 2017, we started video recording our sermons as well. We have not always captured each week due to different difficulties, but we started that process early in 2017.  We started making Announcement Videos later in 2017 as well.

Each of these processes have been started by Andrew & I. I have done the filming, editing, storing and posting of the videos and audio. He has come up with most of the content and ideas for each video.

This year, we have had a gentleman by the name of Clark Tippet jump in and help with these processes. Within the last couple of weeks, he has begun doing things like film, edit and post sermon videos, announcement videos and sermon audio recordings. Honestly, this process of bringing him on board has been a rough one. He is willing to help, but kinda lives far away and misses church regularly. I am encouraged by his willingness to serve, but not encouraged with his follow-through.

What's Encouraging:

  • God is using our videos to impact others! We have several testimonies of this.
  • I believe that Clark stepping in, can be the "tip of the iceberg" for the growth of this team. I am hopeful that this team will grow over the next year.


  • Sam Best - Current Leader -  filming, editing and posting sermon videos, announcement videos, update videos and sermon audio recordings.
  • Clark Tippet - Beginning to help with filming, editing and posting sermon videos, announcement videos and sermon audio recordings.

Next Steps:

  • Empower and equip Clark in a leadership role or build a team, and have me continue to lead the team.


Mission - To effectively use social media, graphics and video to communicate details with our people and Jesus with our city.

Core Values - Getting Jesus and the stories of Him changing us, in front of others.


  • Graphics & Social Media Admin.
  • Sunday Sermon Graphics.
  • Social Media Graphics.
  • Thinking through the entire picture of how we can effectively communicate with our people and evangelize our city with the Good News of Jesus.

Summary of the Journey:

Although a team was recently created, we've been doing some of these things for a long time. Andrew has always placed a big emphasis on getting Jesus and the stories of Him changing us, in front of others. For most of 2017, I made the graphics and posted things to Social Media.

When Hannah Rogers worked part time for us last year, she helped with graphics and social media. When she left for other opportunities, I resumed both roles. I now currently make the graphics and since Zach Johnston has been doing his internship with us, he has been posting things I give him, to social media

The team that was recently created, consists of (3) other graphic designers. This brings us to (4), including myself. This team will begin to rotate through making Sunday Sermon Graphics, starting in June. 

This team also includes a person (Angie Guffy) that will now be the one thinking through how to really accomplish the Creative Team mission. She joined the team earlier this month and will be taking the reigns on the big picture stuff with Social Media in early June. Zach Johnston will continue to post the things Angie plans and her and the other team members create.


What's Encouraging:

  • God is bringing people creative together that can think through this stuff in better ways than I am able to! And they really feel empowered and valued to do this job well.


  • Sam Best - Current Leader & Graphic Designer
  • Angie Guffy - Current brain behind the entire picture & Graphic Designer
  • Hannah Rogers - Graphic Designer
  • Chris Ruch - Graphic Designer
  • Zach Johnston - Social Media Posting

Next Steps:

  • Plan and execute the rotating team.
  • Empower and equip Angie in leading this team.
  • I am really hoping that this new team takes off and works smoothly. The rotating graphic designing will be huge at getting these other team members involved and having Angie create and think through the ideas will be big for everyone involved.


Mission - To come alongside Andrew and the worship team, and be a part of ushering people in to a place of worship before God on Sunday mornings.


  • The making of Sunday morning sermon & worship slides.
  • The running of ProPresenter on Sunday mornings.

Summary of the Journey:

When I took over Antioch Kids in Jan of 2017, I needed to find someone to run the Production Team. That person was Chad Freije. He ran the production team for most of 2017, and in that time he called up another member, Chris Langebartles. Chad made the worship slides and I made the sermon slides. Last November, his son was diagnosed with cancer and he stepped off the team. I reassumed the role of leading the team and making of the worship slides. Soon after this, I called up another member, Austin Bontrager. Austin has recently (earlier this month), stepped into leading this team. He has called up one other member (Zach Hartzell) and is working to find another before the end of June.

I trained Austin earlier this month in the making of the sermon and worship slides. He has taken those roles.

What's Encouraging:

  • The team all feels like they are making a HUGE contribution, while doing something that doesn't feel like serving to them. I think that's kinda cool. They love doing it, and feel very needed.


  • Austin Bontrager - Team Lead & the making of the sermon & worship slides, he also runs ProPresenter on Sunday Mornings.
  • Chris Langebartles - Runs ProPresenter on Sunday Mornings.
  • Zach Hartzell - Will begin to run ProPresenter on Sunday Mornings, starting in June.

Next Steps:

  • Continue to empower Austin in finding & training new members.