Repeating Gifts

 A Repeating Gift is a gift that has been scheduled in CCB on either a monthly or biweekly basis. We also have members who give somewhat frequently, but have not yet set anything up in CCB. Those gifts are not included in these numbers.




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As you can see in the doc, we did not capture every Sunday. Therefore, the averages are not 100% accurate. They are based on the info we have. 


guest follow up process

  1. Connect Card - This is either completed online (CCB form) or on a Sunday morning and placed in the offering basket. Those completed and placed in basket are then entered into the CCB form by a staff member on Monday.
  2. Email (sent from Andrew) - Once the Connect Card CCB form is completed, the guest is automatically added to a Process Queue in CCB that allows a staff member to send them an email.
  3. Call Team Assigned & Follow Up Call (two call system) - Once the email has been sent, a staff member then assigns each guest to a member of one of our LifeGroups. This person is then responsible for calling the guest. If they get the guest's VM, they are instructed to leave a VM and try calling again the next day. We end the follow-up phone call system on the completion of the second phone call (whether or not they ever personally spoke to the person). If they do speak to the guest, they are instructed to ask a few questions and invite the guest into their life on some level (lifegroup, coffee meeting, lunch, family dinner, etc.)
  4. 3-Week Follow up Email (we have not sent this email yet, implementing it for the guests on Mar 5th and those moving forward). This email will simply be a question of whether or not the guest had their questions answered and one last connection point from someone at Antioch to answer any questions he/she may have at this time. When a guest responds to this email, their response will be sent to staff (Hannah Rogers) and she will answer accordingly. 


Connect Cards



We currently have (3) LifeGroups. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Night.





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