Do you want to grow in prayer but you don’t know where to start?

Use these prompts and verses to help you get started!



Knowing God | All Peoples Church
Character of God | All Peoples Church
The Church | All Peoples Church
FaceTime | All Peoples Church
Integrity of the Bible | All Peoples Church 



Alone With God (download PDF)
Use this practical guide to help you grow in your alone time with God. This booklet will give you fresh vision for the importance of daily intimacy with Jesus, with plenty of ways to foster a deeper relationship with Him.

FaceTime Booklet | All Peoples Church
Character of God | Antioch Waco
Identity in Christ | Antioch Waco
Fasting Packet | All Peoples Church
Connecting With God Through His Word | Antioch Waco
How to Locate Bible Passages | Antioch Waco



Discipleship video (How to use the Discipleship App) | Antioch Indy

Discipleship Guide | Antioch Indy



Tending Your Heart (Download PDF)
This resource is for anyone desiring to walk in forgiveness and healing, with practical steps to keep our hearts pure and whole. 

Brokenness | Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Seven Steps to Freedom | Neil Anderson
Spiritual Gift Assessment | Antioch Ministries International
Suggested Readings | Antioch Waco



Who Is The Holy Spirit? (Download PDF)
People are often wondering Who is the Holy Spirit and What does He do?  This resource addresses those questions and provides biblical clarity on the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives today.



Antioch Waco Blog
The Blog is a compiling of our different leaders and churches from all over the world, check it out and get connected to the movement.

Passion And Purpose by Jimmy Seibert
Passion & Purpose is about the people of God - His church - passionately pursuing Him and being deeply committed to His purposes. Nothing more. Nothing less. But the results are changing the world!  This book shares the journey of Antioch Community Church from the beginning until today.  >> Buy it on Amazon