Antioch Community Church was established in 1999 by Jimmy Seibert, his wife Laura and a group of friends who shared the call for a missions-based church. Before the church was formed, this same group of people started a missionary training school, planted churches in Russia, Mongolia and Uzbekistan, and formed an international missions organization called Antioch Ministries International (AMI).

In 1999, Antioch Community Church held its first church service in Waco, Texas.  Since then the church has grown into a network of churches around the world with about 30 teams in the United States and over 50 teams around the world.  



After attending Baylor University and being part of Antioch Waco, in September 2013 Andrew and Heather Znachko moved about 100 miles down Highway 6 to be part of Antioch College Station where Andrew joined the staff as the Associate College Pastor.  After 3 months Andrew was asked to be the Executive Pastor and over the next 2 years he served in many different capacities including overseeing Young Adults, College, Worship and Sunday morning services and volunteers.  Heather and Andrew also led Antioch Discipleship School for 2 years.  

In the summer of 2014 Andrew and Heather were asked if they would consider planting an Antioch church in Indianapolis.  They had thought about this possibility before but never knew if God would invite them to actually do it.  After months of prayer and seeking council God spoke a vision to Andrew and Heather that they couldn't pass up:

Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and Make Others Great

This wasn't just a vision statement, it was a call worth living for, and in February 2015 they decided to start taking steps towards planting a church in Indianapolis.  In May 2016 Andrew, Heather, Rose and baby Smith (who arrived in October) moved to Broad Ripple and started Antioch Indy in their living room, the church is now meeting in Castleton, near the Castleton Mall.

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