Master Plan of Evangelism | book by Robert Coleman: In this book, Coleman goes into how we can minister to and intentionally invest in people God brings into our lives.

Who Is The Holy Spirit? | Antioch - In Acts 2 we see a group of people gather in anticipation for God’s gift of His Holy Spirit. Throughout the rest of the book of Acts, we see a people living on mission by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. This resource addresses the most common questions we all have about God’s Holy Spirit and provides biblical clarity on the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives today.

Spiritual Gift Assessment | Antioch Ministries International - Knowing your gifting(s) isn’t the key to everything, but it can help you as you lean in to serving those around you.

Passion And Purpose Book | Jimmy Seibert - Passion & Purpose is about the people of God - His church - passionately pursuing Him and being deeply committed to His purposes. Nothing more. Nothing less. But the results are changing the world!  This book shares the journey of Antioch Community Church from the beginning until today.