The election Tuesday night is a significant event for our country and is the culmination of a long, hard journey for our nation.  Elections are always complex on a social and national level, but even more for us as individuals and citizens.  Because of the current charged political and social climate, I wanted to encourage all of you by sharing a few brief thoughts about where we go from here. 


First, I want to encourage you to continue walking with Jesus.  At church a few weeks ago we talked about the truth that no matter what happens politically on earth, Jesus is always the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  This is a blessing!  He is GOOD and LOVING and He welcomes you into relationship with Him.  Continue to walk with Him as you respond to this election process.  If you didn’t hear the message from a few weeks ago, you can find it here.


Secondly, I want to acknowledge the fact that regardless of which candidate won your vote, roughly half of the United States voted for the other candidate.  We are divided in our emotions as a nation right now, people are either feeling extreme disappointment and fear, or feeling relief and excitement.  When we gather this Sunday or at Lifegroup this week, you will be with people who probably voted for a different candidate than you. 


My encouragement for all of us is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, even in our differences!  Love the people in your life, even those who disagree with you, by listening, seeking to understand your differences, and asking questions that lead to relationship instead of create division.


As tumultuous as the past year has been with debates and campaigning, our heart as a nation is equally as unsettled in the aftermath of this election.  No matter which candidate had been elected, no one person can offer peace in the midst of our nation’s division and unrest- only Jesus can do that.  For the part of the nation that feels that they have lost an advocate in Secretary Clinton, or those who feel they’ve found a deliverer in President Elect Donald Trump, the truth is our Advocate and our Deliverer has already been given in the person of Jesus Christ. As the people of God, this is our time to point the people around us back to the goodness and beauty of God and the hope that is in the gospel of Jesus- to deliver His peace in the pressure. 


As you process the results of the election and discuss them with others, please keep your eyes on Jesus and keep your heart attentive to how to best we can continue reaching the hearts of the people in our lives.  No matter which candidate you voted for or how you are feeling right now, we together are the people of God and if we will give our lives to loving God and loving our neighbors we will see Jesus do some amazing things.


Filled with faith in Jesus and love for His Church,